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Electrical work

Electrical work

We provide electrical services all over india with finest installation service. We gives end to end services to facilitate electrical system from installing, testing, troubleshooting, repairing to maintenance. Electrical power Install, maintain, troubleshoot and repair electrical distribution and transmission systems including overhead and underground power lines and cables, insulators, conductors, lightning arrestors, switches, transformers and other associated equipment.
Electricians have wider scope in multiple industries. With the same work nature you can enter any profile like industrial electrician, plant electrician, mill electrician, marine electrician, shipyard electrician, etc. The job profile opens numerous opportunities to shape a successful career.

  •  Erect and maintain steel, wood or concrete poles, towers and guy wires Splice, solder and insulate conductors and related wiring to connect power distribution and transmission networks using splicing tools, related electrical equipment and tools
  •  Inspect and test overhead and underground power lines and cables and auxiliary equipment using electrical test equipment
  • Climb ladders or operate hydraulic buckets when working aloft on poles and towers, or work in confined spaces such as trenches and tunnels to install power lines and cables and associated equipment

  • Install and maintain street lighting systems
  • Communicate with other workers to co-ordinate the preparation and completion of work assignments.

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